Fat Daddys Arcade Destin, FL | Groups
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Fat Daddy’s Arcade is THE place to celebrate with your family, friends, sports teams, classmates, youth groups and more! With over 120 games in a family-friendly environment, there are games for all ages to enjoy.

Accommodations & Group Size:

A seating area is available in the arcade with tables and 26 chairs. The minimum required to book a group reservation is 10 people. There is not a maximum number of people.

Special Group Rate:

The only cost to book a group is to spend a minimum of $100 on play cards. Our team can help split up any amount on multiple play cards for everyone to enjoy. The play cards will be available at a special group discount of 25%.

Please note: No additional offers or promotions can be applied to groups. Reservations are required.

Call​ ​(850)​ ​424-6021​ ​today​ ​to​ ​book​ ​a​ ​group outing!